Forest Forum Theatre – August 17th

Forum theatre is a tool for teaching people how to change their world. It was created by Augusto Boal as a part of the “Theatre of the Oppressed”. It is designed to empower people to engage with others to stop injustice and de-escalate conflict.

Local director and theatre teacher, Tara Hershberger, will facilitate Bark’s evening of forest-related forum theatre with several scenes written specifically about conflicts a forest-defender might encounter on the mountain, or in daily life. Actors will present the scene, and then we will engage in a brief conversation. Then the actors begin the same scenario and audience members can choose to join the scene and change the outcome.

This is participatory, and involves some improv. You will not be required to get onto stage or jump into a scene, unless you want to. Either way, this will get you to think, and to talk.

Become a spect-actor and activate! Make choices and change the dialogue! Join us as we co-create the agency to use our voice and change the world!

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