Forest Ecology Night! – Postponed!!!

**WE REGRET THAT THIS EVENT WILL BE POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE. Please check back for information on the next time Dr. Trygve Steen presents to Bark!**

Dr. Trygve Steen, local northwest forest expert gives a talk about the fascinating, intricate of the web of life in our backyard forests! While this class will be appropriate for beginners, Dr. Steen’s presentation is sure to engage seasoned forest ecologists as well. Join us to talk about what makes a Pacific Northwest forest unique: fire, climate, and the mesmerizing stages of forest succession in a fire-prone rain forest. Dr. Steen is also renowned photographer of forest ecosystems, and this presentation features his distinctive images of plants, animals and all manner of life in the forest.

Dr. Steen has taught forest ecology for decades, including field classes at the Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center and Portland State University.

When: Monday, June 6th, 7-9pm
Where: Bark Office 351 NE 18th Porland, OR 97232

A forest ecology is a delicate one. If the forest perishes, its fauna may go with it. The Athshean word for world is also the word for forest.” ― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Word for World is Forest

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